Enterprise Services

Are you looking to develop a coworking community and need expertise to launch? Let’s chat.

Aurelius works with community-level operators and owners of commercial real estate to successfully manage flexible workspace and coworking operations, which creates an affiliate network in market. The most critically important skill set we bring to our engagement is the excitement and energy we generate. Our team has unique expertise in branding, marketing, public relations, and social media.

  • Real Estate Development

  • Startup & Operational Training

  • Branding & Marketing

  • Sales & Recruiting

  • Signature Event Development

  • Ecosystem Planning

Selection Process

Aurelius Coworks wants to find unique opportunities to build lasting business ecosystems in unused buildings or unused office space, which supports, impacts, and uplifts the surrounding communities. We focus on urban downtowns undergoing revitalization and assess markets based on various quantitative and qualitative metrics.

The characteristics that we look for when evaluating markets include:

Aurelius Coworks Commercial Redevelopment Activity

Residential/ Commercial Redevelopment Activity

Aurelius Coworks Nearby Higher Education Icon

Higher Education Institutions

Aurelius Coworks Public Transportation Icon

Healthy Transportation Options

Aurelius Coworks Existing Retail Brewpubs

Existing Retail Including Brewpubs & Farmers Markets

Aurelius Coworks Arts & Culture Icon

Cultural, Arts and Other Tourist Draws

In addition to our enterprise services, Aurelius Coworks also partners with local organizations that support our mission and enhance our communities.